Software testing is more than just finding errors in software source code. It serves more complex function in software development than just unearthing script errors. Although software test is described as the process of executing a system with the purpose of finding defects it is more involved in ensuring software's reliability and determining if it meets the required output. It also very deals with software's verification and validation.

One primary purpose of software testing is to evaluate the capabilities or attributes of software's capability to satisfactorily meet the standards and customer requirements. But one has to remember that software test is not an absolute measure of quality. Testers' job is to test not to create there before it is the responsibility of software developer to build a quality software for the testers to perform a quality test on a quality program. The function of a tester is to point out the bugs and weaknesses of the software it is, again, up to developers to act upon it. Testing can never completely establish the correctness of computer software it simply provide a criticism or comparison of the product to the existing standards, specifications and user requirements.

Testers is not equal to bug-finders, bug-finders are wannabe testing professionals whose idea of ​​software testing is autopsying the codes to recover bugs. Real and mature software testers are more concerned with the issue of verification and validation than rather than just bug-digging. They focus on verifying and validating if the software passes or reaches the desired standards or requirements before considering it for general use. They are the one responsible for throwing and answering the questions: Did we develop the software right? Did we develop the right software?

He believes that their job is only to remember bugs must then seek maturity and explore opportunities and learn how to become more productive in this field. Challenge themselves to become a greater asset to the team rather than just a bug-finder.

Source by Prithwiraj Chakraborty